Juliana Ingrid Ruth Kratz

September 26, 1930 animated flickering candle January 7, 2021
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A Fierce and Tender Woman

Dance, dance in the wind
You are free.
You will come to me,
And I will hear you,
The beauty of the universe
Radiant within you.
All the burdens you carried
Now slipped from you,
Lightening your step,
Easing your breath.
There will be times I call out
And I will hear you
In the rustle of leaves,
The chirp of a bird,
A slight pause as a ladybug arrives,
The sigh of an old and loved house,
The shift of air,
And I will know you are close.
I will feel you stir
In my heart
When the crocuses pop,
And tulips unveil themselves
In springtime
* * *

Juliana Ingrid Ruth Kratz was born Ingrid Ruth Jonas in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany on September 26, 1930.

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